Visible Vein Prevention

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Visible veins are enlarged veins with weakened valves that prevent blood from properly flowing to other parts of the body. When valves are unable to function properly, blood begins to collect and causes the veins to swell. Visible veins occur for a variety of reasons, ranging from genetics to obesity. However, there are a number of measures individuals can take to help prevent or even improve the appearance of their visible veins…including, of course, contacting Visible Varicose Veins Center.

While most visible veins are primarily a cosmetic issue, there are some cases where they can cause pain and, if left untreated, can also lead to a variety of other health complications. Of course, that’s another area where we can help. Even so, prevention is always a good idea, and there are steps you can take.

Visible Veins Causes and Preventive Actions



As we age, our veins become weaker, our skin becomes thinner, and it also loses its elasticity. These factors often lead to more prominent veins. While there is no effective way to stop the process of skin aging at present, there are ways to reduce the appearance of protruding veins.

A more active lifestyle can help aging individuals reduce their chances of developing visible veins. An increase in activity can improve blood flow and regulate circulation so that individuals can reduce inflammation and improve their overall vascular health.

Prolonged Standing

Certain lifestyle choices put many at a much higher risk of developing visible veins. Individuals with jobs that require them to stand for extended periods of time often experience poor circulation that can lead to enlarged varicose veins, especially on their legs.

Individuals can lower the risk of visible veins by elevating the legs, changing positions, or incorporating more physical activity into their daily routine. These simple steps can help individuals reduce their risk and can reduce soreness and discomfort associated with prolonged standing.


Rapid physical changes in the body can lead to a variety of side effects. During a pregnancy, the sudden change in weight and a more sedentary lifestyle can often cause many women to develop visible veins. The constant and excessive pressure and weight gain associated with a pregnancy can enlarge the veins and prevent blood from flowing out of the enlarged vein and to the rest of the body.

It is recommended for women to maintain a healthy weight throughout their pregnancy in order to relieve the pressure and prevent the risk of visible veins. Even with these steps, visible veins are often unavoidable during a pregnancy, but there are a variety of highly effective and extremely safe vein treatment options that can eliminate the appearance of their enlarged veins without putting the well-being of either the mother or child at risk.


Excess weight is often a factor that contributes to the occurrence of visible veins. The constant added pressure related to obesity can cause veins to become twisted and enlarged.

The best way obese individuals can prevent or reduce the appearance of their visible veins is to shed the excess weight in order to relieve pressure. In addition, individuals can also engage in more physical activities that regulate blood flow and improve circulation throughout the body.

Vein Treatments

While these steps can help prevent or make veins less visible, sometimes the assistance of skilled medical personnel is going to be needed. Visible Varicose Veins Center offers a variety of cutting-edge vein treatments to properly address more severe cases. From endovenous laser treatment procedure to compression therapy, individuals can safely and effectively improve the appearance of their visible veins with our help.

For more information about visible veins, how to prevent them and the latest in vein treatments, we encourage you to call the number on this page, or contact one of our specialists by filling out our online consultation form.

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