Varicose Veins and Obesity

Most people are aware that obesity can cause a great number of health problems, and its impact on vascular health is, unfortunately, no different. While visible, enlarged, or painful veins can be caused by a variety of factors, many patients suffer from these conditions because their weight is exerting  too much pressure on their veins. Carrying excess weight creates excessive pressure all across the body, whether it be on our joints, our organs, or even our veins. This pressure can cause the veins to become gnarled and twisted, which in turn causes them to push outward toward the surface of our skin.

Especially in younger patients, the long-term solution to preventing veins from becoming enlarged and painful in the future is to try and shed the excess weight, and relieve the pressure that caused the visible varicose veins in the first place – though we are aware this is a lot more easily said than done. Fortunately, there are a variety of treatment options that we offer at the Visible Varicose Vein Center which can offer patients relief from the pain and social discomfort commonly associated with enlarged, visible veins. For more information about these treatment options, we encourage patients to call our offices in order to set up an appointment with our Board Certified vascular specialist.

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