Varicose Veins and Age

Many people find that, as they get older, their veins become increasingly visible through the skin. Aging can contribute to the prevalence of their visible varicose and spider veins for two separate reasons:

Skin Thickness: Our skin tends to get thinner as we age. This means that veins that might not necessarily have changed, but are now visible to the naked eye become the epidermis is not as opaque as it once was. Some peoples’ skin can become thinner at much faster rates than others, due both to  genetics and behavioral factors such as tobacco use. While there is at present no way to thicken skin that has already thinned, preventive measures can be taken at any time to preserve skin health.

Vein Weakening: While skin thinning typically only causes veins to become more visible, the second cause of prominent varicose veins is that the veins themselves weaken overtime, particularly the valve of the veins that as tasked with regulating blood flow. If this happens, blood can build up at unhealthy rates and create internal pressure, causing the veins to become enlarged. This not only makes the veins visible, but can cause a great deal of pain.

We offer a variety of treatment options depending on the severity, and the exact type of vein condition. For more information, browse the information on our website, or request a consultation with one of our specialists.

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