While surgical ligation and stripping in Los Angeles or elsewhere is quite a bit less invasive than the large majority of surgical procedures today, it is perhaps the most aggressive treatment method when compared to other treatments and therapies used to treat troublesome veins.

surgical-ligationThe procedure involves multiple steps that start with the surgeon making several incisions typically near the groin region so he or she can grasp the vein in question. Next, the surgeon performing surgical ligation and stripping in Los Angeles at our offices will tie off, or ligate, the vein so that the incompetent section of the vein can be removed without removing the whole thing. By ligating the vein and only removing the damaged section, patients are able to maintain the healthy valves that are crucial to proper blood flow.

While the complications for this procedure are nowhere near as prevalent as those from many other procedures, it is important to remember when scheduling your appointment for surgical ligation and stripping in Beverly Hills that the procedure is a minor surgery, but a surgery nevertheless. While it is an outpatient procedure, it must be performed under general anesthesia which means that patients will need assistance getting home, and possibly while recovering in the few days after.

This surgery is very effective at getting rid of unsightly varicose veins, but, as with any medical procedure, it is not necessarily the best option for every patient. Healthy patients may be recommended for surgical ligation and stripping in Beverly Hills with us, but those who have health factors that make any surgical procedure a concern may want to turn to other treatments. Luckily, we offer our patients an array of vein treatment options from the leading edge laser vein removal procedure, to the more conservative and traditional compression therapy technique. Anyone interested in learning more about any one of these procedures can call us today at 800-670-1319 to set up an in-person consultation.


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