Just as with laser vein removal, our highly skilled medical team uses sclerotherapy in Los Angeles to shrink and take varicose veins out of circulation by clotting and closing the vein in a way that is both safe and effective. Yet, rather than using heat to close the vein as is done with endovenous laser treatments, sclerotherapy in Los Angeles at our offices rely on salt water solutions injected directly into the veins to create the desired effect.

sclerotherapyWhen injected into enlarged varicose veins and spider veins, the solution causes the interior lining of the blood vessel to stick together, and over time, the stoppage in circulation will cause scar tissue to form and the vein will dramatically shrink. Ideals candidates for sclerotherapy in Beverly Hills and elsewhere are those who want to improve the appearance of enlarged veins, and those that are suffering pain as a result of these veins. While these large veins may not always cause patients pain, they can be an embarrassing eyesore that can make patients feel uncomfortable with the way they look.

Compared to other procedures, sclerotherapy in Beverly Hills is minimally invasive and relatively pain-free when administered properly. In fact, sclerotherapy injections use such a small needle that most cases do not require any anesthesia during the procedure. While patients who have a greater number of enlarged veins can expect the procedure to take longer, the treatments generally do not take more than an hour and, apart from some potential minor soreness, do not necessitate any elongated recovery time.

Sclerotherapy is just one of the many potential treatments that we are able to help patients reduce the pain and embarrassment caused by their enlarged, visible veins. Other options include traditional compression therapy, and cutting edge laser vein removal procedures. Because every patient necessitates a personalized approach to treatment, it takes a personal consultation to know for sure which treatment option is right for you. To schedule a consultation, or to learn more about the procedures available to our patients, call our offices today at 800-670-1319.


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