Similar to many other vein treatments, one of the most common sclerotherapy risks or side effects is bruising at the site of the injection. Some patients may also experience itching or redness around the treated veins, but these symptoms typically subside after several days. While these common sclerotherapy risks are rarely cause for any concern, patients wishing to minimize the risks should heed their doctor’s advice when it comes to wearing compression socks or restricting activity. After a large percentage of vein treatments, it is typical for patients to wear compression socks in the weeks after the procedure to help ensure effectiveness.

Other, more serious sclerotherapy complications may include hardened veins or neovascularization, characterized by the appearance of new, small blood vessels that develop around the treatment area. These blood vessels will typically go away on their own after several months, but patients may want to consider consulting a doctor if these sclerotherapy complications persist for longer. While women who are pregnant, or patients who have had a history of blood clotting should not have sclerotherapy treatments, others can benefit greatly both from a pain reduction and cosmetic standpoint.

We are committed to keeping all risks to a minimum. Any patients with additional questions and concerns about sclerotherapy, or any of the other effective methods of visible vein treatment including compression therapy and laser vein removal can call us today at 800-670-1319.

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