Of all the sclerotherapy benefits, perhaps the one most enjoyed by patients is the fact that it can greatly reduce both the physical and social discomfort that patients experience when they have enlarged, visible veins. While not all patients who opt for sclerotherapy are experiencing regular pain as a result of their veins, the cosmetic benefits gained by the procedure truly can make a tremendous difference in a person’s confidence and appearance. While the way sclerotherapy benefits a person’s confidence can be difficult to quantify, satisfied vein reduction patients of ours can attest to the newfound social advantages after clearing up their legs of unsightly visible veins.

While there are a number of causes for visible veins, including aging and weight gain, sclerotherapy benefits all of these patients similarly by shrinking and removing from the circulatory system these excessively large and twisted veins. Even in situations where patients choose sclerotherapy simply for cosmetic reasons, their treatment may serve as valuable preventative care, as it is not uncommon for vein-related leg pain to develop later down the line.

To learn more about sclerotherapy benefits, risks, and how the procedure is performed, contact us today at 800-670-1319. Either on the phone or during an in-office consultation, we can discuss with you your options pertaining to sclerotherapy, laser vein removal, compression therapy, and a variety of other vein treatment procedures.


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