Reticular veins are sometimes known as feeder veins, a name that comes from the fact that these veins can “feed” more severe varicose veins as well as so-called spider veins. They are the dilated green and blue veins that rest just beneath the surface of the skin. Many men and women suffer from reticular veins in Los Angeles, yet they are unaware of the treatment options provided by a highly skilled medical team. Typically, these types of unsightly veins are seen as a largely cosmetic issue, and they can definitely lead to confidence problems, especially during summer clothing season. For others, however, they can cause genuine discomfort. In some cases, they can also lead to dangerous blood clots. That’s why so many people seek the help of our innovative approach to reticular veins treatment.

Left alone, reticular veins can obviously lead to the growth of varicose and spider veins and should be dealt with by a highly skilled physician. Without reticular vein treatment, you may see a rapid rise of spider veins, which can also cause leg fatigue and discomfort. If you’re suffering from reticular veins in Los Angeles or anywhere in Southern California, we can help ensure they don’t end up leading to spider or varicose veins.

There are a number of causes for reticular veins. Usually, heredity plays a major role, but there are some lifestyle factors that can also spur the growth of these veins. Overweight people are more likely to get reticular veins, because of the added pressure from the extra weight. People in certain occupations such as nurses, teachers, and factory workers tend to fall prey to these issues since they spend much of the day standing. The addition of any extra hormones, such as from birth control pills or postmenopausal hormonal replacement, is another known cause.

Getting Rid of Reticular Veins

If you’re considering getting ridding yourself of reticular veins once and for all, our skilled medical team has years of experience in dealing with these issues. Our reticular veins removal treatment represents the very best in minimally invasive therapies and treatment typically takes less than an hour to effectively remove unsightly veins. By getting the right kind of laser vein treatment, you can look and feel your very best far sooner than you might have believed possible.

To find out more about treatment plans and financing options, including whether your insurance company covers the treatment, start by calling our offices today at 800-670-1319.

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