For patients that have one or several enlarged varicose veins just below the surface of their skin, a microphlebectomy in Los Angeles may be the best treatment option to get the desired cosmetic effect that they are looking for. While many procedures that talk about “getting rid of” or “removing” veins are, in actuality, simply shrinking the veins down to a size that makes them seemingly disappear, a microphlebectomy in Los Angeles or elsewhere actually involves the removal of the vein from the body.

veinWhile this may seem like more invasive approach, it is important to remember that these enlarged, twisted varicose veins are not contributing positively to the circulation of the leg, so they can be removed safely and effectively with a microphlebectomy in Beverly Hills at our offices. To perform the procedure, the surgeon first makes a small incision in the surface of the skin above the vein. Next, they use a specialized hook to grab onto the vein and slowly and carefully pull the vein through the incision and remove it from the body.

Although some patients report feeling a tugging sensation as the vein is being removed, the procedure is nearly pain-free when performed using topical anesthesia. It is also important to note that very few patients experience complications, and those who do find them to be relatively minor. Nevertheless, it is important that patients take their care to an experienced medical team that knows exactly how to balance patient care and focus in a way that delivers fantastic results with the least amount of discomfort possible. A microphlebectomy in Beverly Hills at our offices is very likely to produce outstanding results.

Anyone interested in scheduling a consultation for a microphlebectomy, sclerotherapy, laser vein removal, or any one of the extremely effective procedures employed by our team, can call us today at 800-670-1319. During the consultation you can talk to us about your own personal goals, and determine which treatment path is the best choice for you.


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