If a layman were to examine the description of vein treatment procedures side by side, one might think that the microphlebectomy, which involves removing an incompetent vein from the body, would be amongst the riskier procedures. In reality, microphlebectomy risks are minimal when performed by a knowledgeable and experienced surgical team. With a great deal of experience with this kind of procedure behind us, we take a proactive approach to reducing microphlebectomy risks, and risks associated with any of the other procedures we perform for our patients.

When patients do experience microphlebectomy complications, the most common problems include skin discoloration, bruising accompanied by minor pain, or the appearance of smaller spider veins in the area where the vein was removed. Many of the microphlebectomy complications listed are part of the natural recovery from the procedure, but any notable occurrences of those side-effects or other negative outcomes resulting from the procedure should be handled with a visit to the doctor to rule out the possibility of more significant issues.

Because there are many different vein conditions across equally varied and unique patients, a microphlebectomy may not be the best course of action for every patient. Luckily, we can perform all of the latest and best treatments, so a patient can always receive the personalized treatment they need and benefit from just the right approach for their particular situation. For more information about a microphlebectomy, laser vein removal, or more conservative methods such as compression therapy, call us today at 800-670-1319.


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