Endovenous Laser Treatment

While endovenous laser treatment in Los Angeles is a minimally invasive procedure, it is still important that patients take their treatment to a highly experienced and reputable medical group to maximize the procedure‚Äôs effectiveness. By using infrared lasers, the endovenous laser treatment works to contract enlarged veins and reduce the appearance of varicose veins. These veins are often ineffective and do not  contribute positively to blood circulation, so patients are not adversely effected if these veins are taken out of the circulatory system.

Instead of actually removing the veins, endovenous laser treatment in Los Angeles and elsewhere uses the heat generated by the laser to close these veins to the point where blood no longer flows through it. While some may think that this technique would cause pain for patients, doctors can skillfully use a local anesthesia on the vein to allow patients to get the advantages of reduced varicose veins without unneeded discomfort. While each patient is different, we often recommend that patients wear compression socks for several weeks following the procedure, simply to ensure that the benefits of the procedure will last.

After the varicose veins are closed using endovenous laser treatment in Beverly Hills at our offices, they have around a 90 to 95 percent rate of remaining closed when examined three years down the line. This is a highly favorable success rate compared to similar cosmetic procedures, which is why we have incorporated endovenous laser treatment in Beverly Hills into the suite of options we provide our patients. By only offering our patients procedures that are proven to work, we have established a slate of vein treatment procedures that all meet high standards for effectiveness.

For more information about laser vein removal, or to learn more about the other effective procedures that  can help reduce the pain and negative cosmetic effects of enlarged veins, prospective patients can call 800-670-1319. By setting up a consultation at our offices, patients can take the first step towards being free and clear of painful and unsightly veins.


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