Vein treatment costs, like all medical expenses, tend to vary a great deal based on the nature and extent of care. For most patients, the out-of-pocket portion will also vary depending on a patient’s insurance coverage. Insurance plans tend to differ to a greater or lesser extent in terms of what they will cover. There are many criteria for coverage but, in most cases, whether or not a treatment is covered is largely dependent on whether or not an insurance company agrees that it is meant to deal with pain or long-term health, or whether they determine that it is strictly for cosmetic purposes.

It’s only natural to be concerned about how much a given medical treatment or office visit may cost, so the best first step is to fill out the insurance form below. With this information, we can begin the process of determining the level of your insurance coverage before your first office visit. If you have any further questions about this form, please call Visible Varicose Veins at the phone number on this page or reach out to us electronically via our contact page.


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